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The price should not be an obstacle

Our offer

The price should not be an obstacle

We are the ones who are keen to meet social entrepreneurs. We would be delighted to invite you to an initial meeting to take a close look at your idea for a social business. Initial exploratory meeting: free of charge. At no obligation and at our cost – no strings attached and no small print.

Coaching: a fixed charge per day
If you want to work out your idea in more detail with our help, we ask a fee for our coaching.
After all, as a social entrepreneur, you are willing to commit yourself and invest in a good idea, and our professional coaches want to offer you nothing but the best.
You may be able to recover up to half the cost from regional subsidies. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Oksigen Accelerator: minimal investment at the start and a ‘premium’ if you’re successful 
We want to give a helping hand to as many social entrepreneurs as possible. That’s why we work with Oksigen Accelerator.
Oksigen Accelerator is a unique system for keeping the cost of coaching down and ensuring that everyone’s focus is on success. The way it works is simple:
•    During the coaching you only pay a small proportion of the total cost. 
•    If the coaching works – according to criteria that we agree on and determine in advance – you pay a ‘success fee’. 
There are a few conditions attached to this formula, however. Entrepreneurs who are interested submit an application to Oksigen Accelerator, which decides whether the request should be approved.

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