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“Relax in de klas” is a social enterprise that aims to create a mindful environment for children and teachers in schools by training and supporting school teachers to include several quiet relaxing moments throughout the day, every day, and create the foundation of a lifetime of well-being.

Today’s world is spinning faster than ever. We live in a performance society where real purpose sometimes gets lost. Many adults are suffering the physical and mental consequences. Unfortunately, it is also affecting our children at school, in the academy, in sports clubs,…. Combined with a highly sedentary life style – it sometimes seems as if we were continuously watching our screens, from TV to tablet – these consequences putting children’s well-being under pressure. Relax in de klas embraces an ambitious lifestyle and technology. However, the organization believes that children from a young age can learn to cope with the demands of a faster spinning world, keeping in mind their current and future well-being.

More concretely, Relax in de Klas designed a toolbox for teachers in primary schools to be used daily in class. Part one of the toolbox exists of short, mostly physical, exercises which in the long run will help children to develop a positive learning attitude, centred on focus and concentration. Part two includes ways for teachers to canalise the energy in class: from excitement to calmness, from passive to active.

Relax in de Klas started a coaching trajectory to support them in their go-to-market strategy as well as for their funding approach. We have been working on a stakeholder mapping in order to have a clear view on the different key stakeholders linked to the activities of Relax in de Klas. This workshop allowed to detect the key stakeholders they need to engage with, as well as decide on the next actions in order to test the offer in the market. Oksigen Lab has also challenged the business plan and gave recommendations in order to create a robust financial plan. This should allow Relax in de Klas to obtain a first seed funding round in 2015. Considering the advice from Oksigen Lab, Relax in De Klas has incorporated in a cooperative model which will allow them to attract funding from friends, family and other stakeholders.

As Relax in de Klas is now looking for their first funding round, we are supporting them as well in the pitch to investors. 

‘The coaching sessions with Oksigen Lab allowed us to keep our focus, the noses in the same and right direction, putting our efforts there where needed. We probably came out of each session with even more questions than we came in, but it got our thinking and creative caps on to move forward in the needed direction. We definitely feel that Oksigen’s coaching sessions accelerated the process of founding our company" entrepreneurs said.

Are you a parent or teacher interested in bringing this initiative to your school? Find more information on their website:

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