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OksigenCrowd is now part of the new crowdfunding platform Gingo

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OksigenCrowd is now part of the new crowdfunding platform Gingo

Oksigen Lab launched Oksigen Crowd in May 2015 to connect people with innovative social enterprises in need of additional resources to grow their impact. This was a first step and we learned a lot, but our ambition has always been to enlarge this platform to more partners and a larger community and thereby achieve more impact.

We are therefore very proud to announce the launch of the new crowdfunding platform Gingo! Together with Bank Degroof Petercam, we partnered up to create this new platform, building on Oksigen Crowd. An improved platform, with more partners, more reach, and the same mission: connecting people with innovative organisations tackling social and environmental issues.

Gingo is a donation-based crowdfunding platform, designed for innovative and entrepreneurial organisations that want to have a positive impact on society and wish to expand their network.

What makes Gingo unique?

  • Focus on existing innovative initiatives with high social impact
  • A collaborative approach and project selection: Different experts are involved in the selection of projects: Ashoka, Fund Baillet Latour, Fournier-Majoie Foundation, Lunt Foundation, Oksigen Lab, Pulse Foundation, SAMMAN and the Support Fund Delacroix
  • No commission: 100% of donations goes to the project
  • Matchgiving options (not for all projects)
  • Follow-up on the impact of projects

Learn more about how Gingo works.

First campaign launched by Street Nurses

Early December, Street Nurses launched the first campaign on Gingo. Street Nurses focuses on the most excluded people in our country: long-term homeless persons. They support these people through an integration process, which starts with the reintegration of the body through hygiene, and the revaluation of the persons talents. Street Nurses guides people from the beginning till the moment they enter their new home.

Learn more about the organisation and discover their campaign.

Make it happen!

Is your social enterprise interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign on Gingo? Submit a campaign request on our website if you are interested, or contact Anna Kint for more information.

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