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Oksigen Lab Coaching: NewCraft

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Oksigen Lab Coaching: NewCraft

With its new craftsmanship NewCraft offers a worthy and innovative contribution within the construction and housing sector. More specifically, NewCraft designs and implements flexible building solutions which are modular, eco-friendly, fast and easily adjustable.

By continuously looking for possible innovations and listening to the customers’ needs, NewCraft looks for a fair product which guarantees optimal customer satisfaction. With respect for people and nature NewCraft establishes long-term collaborations both with several operational partners and with cities and towns.

The NewCraft concept grew out of a collaboration between several people with a solid background in housing design and construction.  NewCraft sees a vast potential in flexible construction techniques and designs that are able to adjust to the changing societal needs. 

NewCraft identified and optimised new techniques, allowing a modular and flexibel way of building and renovating. During the entire life cycle, the unit can be customized to the inhabitants changing needs.

The Oksigen Lab coaching trajectory will focus on the go to market strategy, while building a strong business case for future growth.

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