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Oksigen Lab Coaching: Le salon des femmes

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Oksigen Lab Coaching: Le salon des femmes

Le salon des femmes offers a beauty treatment for women in precarious situations, combined with support for social reintegration.

Its principal activity is hairdressing and beauty services for women in precarious situations (victims of domestic violence, single or divorced mums, long-term unemployed, etc.). The beauty service is offered by a professional team for a very modest token sum.

Besides the beauty treatment, every client of Le salon des femmes is supported by the salon's coordinator, a social worker, who assesses her social situation and evaluates the most urgent needs for guidance towards social reintegration.

Tailor-made and flexible help is offered in a number of areas such as job-seeking, building confidence and administration, and clients can even borrow an outfit for job interviews.

Le salon des femmes is a place for rediscovering self-esteem and taking the first steps towards professional and social reintegration.

During the Oksigen Lab coaching program the focus was on finding financial solutions, combined with a strategic reflection on the future model that could secure the current activities in a more sustainable way.  A number of those possibilities are now being prepared and tested on the market.

Le salon des femmes is always looking for interested associations supporting their customer group (social services, associations for women's rights, employment services, etc.) or anyone interested in supporting their ideas and activities. More at