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Oksigen Lab coaching: DuWoBo

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Oksigen Lab coaching: DuWoBo

In the context of the online community DuWoBo, members who have sustainable living and building project ideas can initiate coaching sessions with Oksigen Lab.

DuWoBo, the transition network of organizations and social entrepreneurs active in the sector of sustainable housing and building in Flanders, was commissioned by the Flemish government to extend the principles of sustainable development to housing and construction.

About 200 players participated in the cart up to now. Together, they elaborate an innovation in the field of sustainable housing and building for the next 20 years.

In the context of the new online community DuWoBo, members who had project ideas could initiate coaching sessions with Oksigen Lab at a beneficial rate. The coaching programs focus on their needs: they could include guidance in developing or enhancing products and services entering the market or market segments, attracting necessary partners or resources for ambitious growth, …

As an example, DuWoBo & Oksigen Lab settled a coaching trajectory for NDVR, which is an agency for socio-spatial research, process design and supervision. This coaching trajectory focused specifically on process management. What steps are needed to unify the input and opinions of different partners? How does the bidding process? How is the further development of socially relevant real estate?

Another interesting case concerns CLT Gent: they want to develop an innovative and democratic model to realize common homes at affordable prices and property quality and sustainable (re) building with a focus on vulnerable groups. The coaching program focused on the creation of a 'Trust'. Aspects that were addressed concern forming partnerships, refining the business model and drawing up a financial plan for the Trust.

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