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Oksigen Lab Coaching: Cross the Bridge

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Oksigen Lab Coaching: Cross the Bridge

Cross the Bridge guides and accompanies managers interested in investing their skills in the social area. The company wants to provide a bridge between the traditional and social economy.

The growing social economy has to take care of more people, often with fewer resources. This makes the demand for strong management skills urgent. Cross the Bridge seeks to play an intermediate role by combining and strengthening the ties between the traditional and social economy. Moreover, it aims to make social economy entities more sustainable.

On the one hand Cross the Bridge is looking for middle and senior managers in search of meaning and solidarity. Based on agreements with companies and outplacers, it connects them with social enterprises. On the other hand, Cross the Bridge identifies social enterprises, which need help in certain skills areas, in strategic and operational consulting, in finance and subsidies. The link between the two can create alternative solutions, and a strong network consisting of all market actors sharing the same values.

Oksigen Lab's coaching mainly focused on clarifying the societal and market opportunity and related vision and mission. The external coach and Cross the Bridge worked on a validation of the business model with key clients/stakeholders and elaborated the operational and financial plan. Oksigen Lab supported Cross the Bridge in organizing their launch event.

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