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Oksigen Lab Coaching: Boobs-‘n-Burps

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Oksigen Lab Coaching: Boobs-‘n-Burps

Boobs-‘n-Burps aims to encourage young mothers to opt more for breastfeeding, the most sustainable and healthy type of food for their baby.

With only 30% of underprivileged mothers opting for breastfeeding, compared to over 70% of more highly educated parents, Boobs-‘n-Burps focuses on the first group. It is precisely these mums that would stand to benefit the most from breastfeeding, because as well as being free, breast milk is healthy. And that in turn means fewer doctors’ bills and less time off work.

Boobs-‘n-Burps has three stores and a web shop, where different pregnancy and breastfeeding facilitating products can be sold. Besides this, Boobs-‘n-Burps devise projects, information and services that help mothers to keep going with breastfeeding for longer. Examples are: support for combining breastfeeding with work, reinforcing the care offered to breastfeeding mothers and boosting their motivation.

Oksigen Lab supported Boobs-‘n-Burps' ambitions by reinforcing its social impact and developing an integrated business model. Boobs-‘n-Burps has also received an investment from the SI2Fund, part of the Oksigen ecosystem.

Do not hesitate to contact and support this movement by putting it in touch with future parents or by ordering Boobs-‘n-Burps supplies online! More information at

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