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Oksigen Lab Coaching: BeeOdiversity

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Oksigen Lab Coaching: BeeOdiversity

BeeOdiversity was set up in 2012 by four students on the Executive Master in Management programme at Solvay. This project aims to maintain and improve bio- and food diversity. Behind the initiative is Dr Bach Kim Nguyen, a specialist in bees and biodiversity.

The honeybee's alarming mortality rate in Belgium and abroad is an enormous threat to biodiversity: 84% of crop species cultivated in Europe depend on insect pollinators! BeeODiversity focuses on improving biodiversity through bees, which are outstanding both as pollinators and as indicators of the state of biodiversity.

Besides concrete actions to improve bee welfare and raise the number of bee colonies (donating colonies to beekeepers; reducing the impact of pesticides; charter of good bee care, etc.), BeeOdiversity develops global projects beneficial for biodiversity and pollinators (e.g. audit the environment, plant seeds, lease bee colonies and insect hotels,...) and by monitoring the environment (list the plants, pesticides and pollution on-site, assess quality of nutrition,...)  A good amount of successes have been achieved with EDF Luminus, the city of Knokke-Heist, Spadel, UCB, Elia,... In these projects, information has been collected from beehives on the state of biodiversity, pollution, the number of pesticides and other factors in the area.

The third focus point of BeeODiversity is community projects. Communities are formed of beekeepers, farmers, private individuals, companies and others  wanting to help biodiversity. For each of these communities BeeODiversity offers training courses and action plans. For example, beekeepers can attend training on how to reduce bee mortality.

During the coaching sessions Oksigen Lab encouraged BeeOdiversity to create an economically sustainable business model in line with the social ambitions of the team. The strategy shifted from selling products to a long-term partnership with other interested parties. In 2014 BeeOdiversity won the SIAN Award of Benisi.

BeeODiversity invites you to be part of the cycle, as company, beekeeper, farmer, scientist or private person. There are numerous possibilities to do so, from sponsorship to welcoming one of the bee colonies on your flat roof or land. More information at: