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Developing a Social Impact Dashboard for Child Focus

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Developing a Social Impact Dashboard for Child Focus

Oksigen Lab helped Child Focus developing a social impact dashboard to measure and communicate their social impact.

The Challenge

The request of Child Focus was to develop a way for them to measure and communicate their social impact, as they were receiving increasing requests in that regard. This work included the need to see clarity and articulate the essence across the wealth of experiences and the many activities that the organization had developed/taken on.

Our approach

The first part of our work consisted of developing with the whole team a shared understanding and formulation of the overall goals of the organization. We worked on a shared vocabulary, a ‘fresh wind’ structure that packaged the activities in a different way, putting impact first. This was done through interviews with the whole team, and workshops to present and discuss ongoing results.

Once this was done we proposed a long list of indicators that could be used to measure the set goals. This list was discussed and refined with the whole team, and targets were added for each indicator. As a last step a Dashboard was developed, an easy to use excel application – with a special focus on clear communicative visuals.


As a result of our work, Child Focus has an instrument to monitor, evaluate and communicate about its social impact. A shared understanding about the goals of the organization and a translation into indicators helps to structure internal discussions and bring focus in strategic planning and daily work.  A visual overview is presented to the board and the funders, who are getting an increased understanding of the various actions and achievements of the organization. This increases their capacity to steer and support the organisation. 

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