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Connecting corporate employees with social enterprises


Connecting corporate employees with social enterprises

Oksigen Lab is partner in the “Leading Talents - Social Business Challenge”, an HR leadership track for the future leaders of a major bank. The program is a learning lab for personal and team leadership, aiming to develop a more customer intimate, innovative and entrepreneurial culture within the bank.
Connecting corporate employees with social enterprises

Nearly 100 ‘leading talents’ of the bank work during 5 months in small groups with social enterprises facing a specific challenge. The aim is to support the social enterprise and find solutions in order to create a breakthrough. Oksigen Lab is responsible for the selection of the social challenges and the facilitation of the process and coaching sessions.

The bank’s employees are challenged to develop their skills and expertise in an unknown environment, while social enterprises benefit from external support and advice to solve one of their challenges.

See below some comments of social enterprises having participated to the program:

Kringwinkel Antwerpen

Develop a scalable business plan to upcycle waste into innovative design and furniture, bringing together social economy and creative industries.

Innovation Director Kringwinkel Antwerpen:

We learned a lot from this experience as Kringwinkel, and hope to organize this again in the future.

Sociale Kruidenier Vlaams-Brabant

Developing a new business model bringing financial sustainability. Mission: proposing healthy food at low prices to people in poverty and creating an environment for social inclusion.

Director Sociale Kruidenier:

Collaborating across such different types of expertise, gives a lot of new energy.

1 Toit 2 Ages

Challenging our organizational model and support in social impact measurement

Co-founder 1 Toit 2 Ages:

Concerning our organizational processes, the bottleneck has been identified and solutions for improvement have been proposed. These suggestions will professionalize our processes. Some proposals have already been implemented and others will be soon. We have also highlighted interesting key data we need to capture in order to communicate better on our social impact to our extended partners in a near future.

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