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Open Veld


Open Veld

Open Veld is a positive alternative to high-energy food production, in which food is produced locally and farmer and consumer share the harvest risks and returns.

Food is flown around the world, and up to 30% is wasted through spoiling and spillage during the many intermediate stages. Open Veld offers a positive and local alternative to this production method.

Open Veld grows vegetables according to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) principle, whereby the farmer works directly for the end consumers, who are ‘crop shareholders’ through an annual membership scheme. â€¨The members pay a fixed monthly contribution in advance, and thus share in any harvest loss or unexpectedly high yields. Members have the right to contribute to decision-making and inspect the accounts, cultivation plan and business management, giving rise to a situation of mutual responsibility in exchange for fair remuneration for the farmer.

The members live locally, which drastically reduces the food kilometres. The crops are usually grown organically and always on a seasonal basis. Members, young and old alike, rediscover the link with local food production.

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