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Ecopower aims to offer citizens the possibility to invest in local and eco-friendly energy production and supply.

Ecopower produces and supplies green electricity and heat, based on renewable energy sources (wind, solar, water and biomass). Ecopower uses a cooperative approach: only members can buy electricity from the cooperative.

Besides green electricity Ecopower provides pellets for green heat. Its pellet factory in Ham uses waste products from sawmills and other wood products (from sustainably managed forests) as a raw material.

Ecopower also invests in awareness-raising projects relating to renewable and rational energy use. Clearly, a kilowatt-hour saved is the greenest kilowatt-hour. Rational energy use lowers the bill for consumers, is positive for the environment and enables Ecopower to provide more people with green power.

Ecopower supplies electricity to 50 000 members, and its waiting list is growing longer every day.

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