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BENISI: The quest for 300 social innovations in Europe


BENISI: The quest for 300 social innovations in Europe

Social innovation can be defined as a new product, service or model that responds to a societal need and that creates new social relations or forms of collaboration. Social innovations are not just important for specific new solutions for societal needs, but also have an impact on society’s capacity to innovate.
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European network

BENISI is a consortium whose name is short for ‘Building a European Network of Incubators for Social Innovation’. It is looking for 300 of the most promising social innovations in Europe, with the most potential impact on society in general and employment in particular.

Cascade effect

The innovations in question may be in the public or private sector, civil society, social businesses or cooperatives. The idea is to create the right conditions which will enable the projects to be disseminated – ‘upscaled’ – in other European countries. This ensures that they have more reach and impact, and that positive cascade effects arise throughout Europe.


Europe faces numerous societal and ecological challenges. The many innovative companies in Europe hold part of the key to the solution in their hands. They can stimulate economic growth and create new, meaningful jobs for today’s generation of young people who are desperate for work.


BENISI is a three-year project financed by the European Union’s FP7 programme

BENISI is led by i-propeller, a consultancy firm specialising in social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Brussels, and is being implemented by six ‘Impact Hubs’ in Europe: Amsterdam, Bucharest, London, Milan, Stockholm and Vienna.

In collaboration with:

- DIESIS (European Research and Development Service for the Social Economy)

- EURADA (European Association of Development Agencies)

- Fondazione Cariplo

- PEFONDES (European Network of Foundations for the Social Economy)

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