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Oksigen Lab Coaching: 1Toit2Ages

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Oksigen Lab Coaching: 1Toit2Ages

1Toit2Ages is a Belgian organization promoting intergenerational home sharing. Young and elderly under one roof: an answer to different societal needs.

The non-profit organization 1Toit2Ages was created in Belgium in 2009 to promote intergenerational cohabitation. This socially innovative approach is a potential solution for a number of major needs in society:

  • Many elderly people would like to continue living at home, but feel lonely and need a little practical support.
  • Many students experience difficulties in finding an affordable room in the city where they are studying.
  • There is a lack of adapted and affordable housing for both elderly people and students on the private and public market.

The ultimate goal of 1Toit2Ages is to restore the contact between generations that has been lost and strengthen the social fabric, for the good of society as a whole.  In a concrete way, a number of direct societal costs are avoided or reduced, including construction and staffing of retirement homes, student homes & apartments and first line homecare services. 

The core service of 1Toit2Ages consists of matching of students and elderly people who are interested in this concept, bringing them together and helping them to draw up a rental agreement. Additionally, 1Toit2Ages continues to provide support and follow-up afterwards. 

Oksigen Lab contributed to a collective coaching process with 1Toit2Ages, organized via the Ashoka Impact programme for which the organization won the second prize. The coaching included:

  • Defining the vision and mission
  • Deciding on the growth strategy and goals
  • Measuring the social impact
  • Sounding out the market’s reactions 
  • Developing a business plan

1Toit2Ages welcomes anyone who is interested in participating or spreading the word about this concept in their own city. 1Toit2Ages aims to promote this solution to politicians, the academic world and the care sector, so that intergenerational cohabitation can be extended further – not just in Belgium, but abroad too. 

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