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Benisi: scale up your social enterprise!

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Benisi: scale up your social enterprise!

What can Benisi bring to you and what can you bring to Benisi?

Social enterprise? Get in touch to see how BENISI can help you to reach customers, partners, funders, coaches, ... in order to support the scaling of your enterprise.

Public social innovator? Do you have a public social innovation and are you willing to share it? Please contact us so that we can scale your initiative.

Investor? Contact us to gain access to social innovators seeking funding.

Aspiring social entrepreneur? Get in touch with BENISI to find potential partners to scale a successful and existing social innovation.

Experienced social entrepreneur? Contribute by bringing your valuable experience to our network and becoming a coach.

Public authority representative? Contact BENISI to find out about social innovation in the public sector. We can even put you in touch with social innovation incubation actors and practices.

Journalist/blogger/public opinion maker? Support our mission and advocate more social innovation through diverse media.