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€55.841 raised for social impact through OksigenCrowd!

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€55.841 raised for social impact through OksigenCrowd!

Back in May Oksigen Lab launched OksigenCrowd to help enterprises with a social and environmental mission crowdfund to multiply their social impact. Our five campaigns from BeeOdiversity, The Opportunity Factory, Le Salon des Femmes, PermaFungi and Boobs-‘n-Burps all had a great start. Now, eight weeks later, the campaigns have ended and we look back on an interesting and exciting period.

On 30 June, at 23.59, all the campaigns on OksigenCrowd concluded, raising €55,841 of the €75,000 they were looking for collectively. Boobs-‘n-Burps, PermaFungi and The Opportunity Factory did a great job raising more than their crowdfunding target. While BeeOdiversity and Le Salon des Femmes did not reach their funding goals, they nevertheless managed to attract a fair amount of contributions too, in addition to extending their community of supporters.

OksigenCrowd in figures

During the eight weeks, the five social enterprises motivated 427 people to support their social enterprises and the social impact they want to achieve. With an average donation of €113, OksigenCrowd has a higher typical contribution than other crowdfunding platforms.

In return for a contribution, all the social enterprises offered unique and interesting rewards. Some of the enterprises used the rewards to test some new products or services. The most popular rewards were the ‘30 pump days’ from Boobs-‘n-Burps (€45 each), the ‘Fungi Pop with tasting’ from PermaFungi (€50 each) and the ‘recycled bag’ from The Opportunity Factory (€50 each).

Roeline Ham, CEO Boobs-‘n-Burps: "Boobs-'n-Burps raised over €15,000 in six weeks. Twenty high-quality rental pumps have now been purchased with the money. The good rental pumps should be made available widely: at a fair price for those who can pay, and free for those who cannot."

Michael Van Cutsem, Manager BeeOdiversity: "In the end, we didn’t hit the financial target, but we did achieve the main goal of mobilising members of the public for global change."

Next steps for OksigenCrowd

Is your social enterprise interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign? We are looking for a second wave of social enterprises who want to get started on OksigenCrowd. Submit a campaign request on our website if you are interested.

OksigenCrowd is in discussion with several partners and is likely to evolve into a larger collaboration of parties seeking to support social impact initiatives. Keep an eye on our website and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

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