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About us

Oksigen Lab – who are we?

The non-profit Oksigen Lab is an accelerator and a research lab for soci(et)al entrepreneurship.


We believe that society’s most pressing issues can be tackled using an entrepreneurial approach that simultaneously creates social and economic value.

Core business

1. Business Coaching and support to organisations willing to solve societal challenges in an entrepreneurial way.

2. Research and knowledge centre for social entrepreneurship and social innovation

Who for?

We help people and organisations that are working or wish to work to change society for the better: 

  • Aspiring social entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Non-profits that want to become social profits
  • Existing businesses aiming to increase their societal impact

Track record

1. Coaching and support to over fifty social entrepreneurs per year

2. Involvement in international surveys by renowned universities and networks, such as Seforïs and Benisi 

3. Contribution to the development of innovative social finance instruments

Ambitions 2013-2018

1. Support the development of at least 200 social entrepreneurs, creating a total of 500 jobs.

2. Active role in pioneering research into social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

3. Training and capcity building on social entrepreneurship.


Oksigen Lab is part of a unique support ecosystem for impact entrepreneurship and shared value creation. Read more about Oksigen Ecosystem 


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